Last night we decided we would visit another local church this morning.  This is the first time we have done so in 7 years (unless we were out of town). Nathan has known the pastor there for several years and we’ve always wanted to go and encourage him.  We like it there.  I always appreciate going to other churches to  meet other believers.  It helps prevent church bubble syndrome.   The pastor spoke about prayer, which is a topic that God is re-stirring in me.  The message was short and to the point, and encouraging.  After church Nathan and I went up for prayer regarding my job situation (which is unofficially hush-hush in web-spheres).  Then, later I was caught coughing (i do have a bit of a cold) and out of nowhere this lady asked if she could pray for me.  That’s something I don’t do enough when talking to people.  I’d like to change that in myself–remembering how it blesses most people to receive a bit of spontaneous prayer.  We also got to take part in communion.  I love taking communion and I’ve really grown to appreciate the way we do it in our home and at our church.

In other Sunday thoughts: It amazes me that I can wake up an hour later than Nathan, cook breakfast, feed two kids, curl my hair, put on make-up, and get three people dressed (and bundled up) all in less time than it takes Nathan to get himself ready.

This Sunday, Nathan had one of our neighbors over to watch football.  I think that was a first.  Mostly because we’ve never had a TV that picked up any channels. BUT thanks to digital TV we can now pick up a station or two.