I’m making a resolution.  I suppose all of the other things I do are actually resolutions in non-traditional ways. I continue to remain firm in being very careful about my goals for the new year–not being too lofty.  It is imparative that the goals I set for myself are realistic and that I do not set too many goals.  There are two books I am in the process of reading–slowly as to make sure they serve their purpose–Getting Things Done and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

So for my traditional resolution (perhaps the first since elementary) I have chosen one thing in my lifetime (i.e. since college, because prior to college it wasn’t an issue) that I have wanted to improve/accomplish.  I have wanted to read more.  I used to love reading.  In fact, I devoured books.  I am going to specifically going to start on the classics.  I have found a list and I will work on this list for years until it is done–starting this year.  It is not my goal to read all 100 of the books on the list this year.  I do hope to finish 10 of them.  I will post a page with the list so you can follow my progress if you choose.  I’m pretty excited about this goal. I feel that it is attainable and it is something that I have wanted to do for a few years now.

The other non-traditional resolutions are related to my character/behavior.  I want to focus on being more encouraging to others.  I want to purpose to be a great source of encouragement for those around me. I tend to see the good in people so it will almost simply be a matter of saying things aloud.

It feels good to have something in place for 2009 considering all of the uncertainty we are under.  I almost need a resolution this year to serve as a crutch…I hate not knowing.