2008 was a great year and I pray that I don’t live 2009 dreaming about 2008.  We had some magnificent moments in 2008.  I wish I could give a month-by-month play, but I’ve always been horrible at dates.  I will do my best.

  • Nathan’s sister and her family finally returned home after years of service as missionaries.
  • I turned 30.
  • My husband threw me an elaborate birthday party, complete with serenades, toasts, a made for me movie, and more!
  • My husband overwhelmed  me with an abundance of wooing (I asked him to slow it down a bit). Seriously, I didn’t know what to do.
  • Nathan bought me a ruby “engagement” ring for our 8 year anniversary and we restated our vows.
  • We traveled to San Diego and Mexico just for fun.
  • I discontinued my studies in grad school.
  • Nathan stepped down as pastor of our church.
  • The first adult summer I loved. Spent with my kids.  Memories were made, it was wonderful! Our bus ride, Moriah’s worm collection. Failed swimming lessons.  Walks to the park, bike rides with my girl across the river…
  • We started dating our children.
  • Nathan started a new career.
  • My brother joined my parents on their annual trip to visit us
  • I became a new aunt (sort of) and Nathan’s siblings continue to increase the population of cute children.

A lot happened in 2008 it was a great year.  Many major changes.  It’s all quite overwhelming to think about.  For Christmas I asked for a weekend away. Alone.  Nathan gave me that (among other things I didn’t expect), but now I need to find the time to do that and a place to go for three days.  During that time I really need to spend some time letting all of 2008 sink in.   I look forward to that time to spend with the Lord and to recuperate.

Thank you all for continuing to read our blog.  I hope with all of the changes that were made in 2008 we will become more accessible and more present in the lives of those we love.

Well, 2009.  You’re here whether I like it or not.  Welcome.  I pray that you do not continue your days as you started:  As if I opened the door to a stranger with rollers in my hair.