1. You’ve experienced a cold weather advisory that says to stay inside or your skin will freeze instantly.
  2. You’ve been plowed in or snowed in.
  3. You have a plug sticking out the front of your car.
  4. You know that there are different types of snow and what each is good for.
  5. You own more than one shovel.
  6. You keep a deck of cards, a blanket, and granola bars in your vehicle in case you get stranded.
  7. You know how to drive on icy roads.
  8. You know someone who got a ticket for driving during a blizzard.
  9. You’ve experienced a blizzard.
  10. You own your own UV lamp.
  11. You have a window scraper for both the outside and the inside of your car.
  12. You own more than one pair of long underwear.
  13. You can throw boiling water into the air and see it vaporize instantly.
  14. Your eyes have ever been frozen shut.
  15. You’ve ever had frozen snot on your face.
  16. You know what thawing skin feels like.
  17. You have the stages of frostbite memorized.
  18. When you walk outside the blowing wind chokes you.
  19. You drive in 3rd gear on a flat surface just because there’s so much snow and/or ice.
  20. The first sign of Spring isn’t flowers, it’s mud.
  21. You know what a snow plow looks like.
  22. The town doesn’t shut down because of snow (only fatal blizzards…maybe).