That’s me.  I’m a little burned out on the whole thing, but I have one more push. Another job posting and I know someone who works there that said she would keep an eye out for my application. My one consolation: God is on my side.

And if God does not see fit for me to work just yet, praise his holy name.  I have been spared self pity.  I have been a little discouraged.  But if I had an inkling of what God is doing I could hold on and ride the wave.  But I have no idea.  I’m used to having an idea.  I always have an idea about something.  Even if it is completely off base, it is at least an idea.  As of today I have no clue.

I received an email forward today, I don’t usually read them (unless they are from this woman). The point of it was that God has three answers to prayer: yes, not yet, or I have something better in mind.  I’m okay with yes and not yet, but the third choice could mean…what?  I have no clue.