It’s snowing and the wind is blowing really hard.  I can barely see the townhomes less than a block away from us.  It’s kind of exciting.  Nathan and I tend to get excited during natural disasters or the possibility of one.  Anyway, I’ll be baking and sewing today.  Church was canceled.  That’s bad.

The last time our pastor canceled church was when we were in college in Morris.  That was the first or second time in 20 something years he had canceled church.  This is actually the second time our church has been canceled since it started (or maybe it was postponed to a later time).  The first time, there were flash floods all over town.

That time in Morris, they resorted to email being the only way to inform people that church was cancelled.  Nathan and I were married for a year by this point and we didn’t get the news that church was cancelled.  So out we go at 9 in the morning, covered from head to two in protective gear.  I was actually sweating.  We hiked through two feet of snow in our parking lot and on the streets to get to church only to find that it was cancelled.  After that we went to our pastor’s house and I hung out with the Misses watching movies and Nathan helped our pastor blow sidewalks for all the little old ladies in town.  It is still one of my favorite memories with our pastor and his wife. Being stuck inside because of a snow storm has a funny way of building memories.