My raw emotions have scared more than a few people because they don’t realize (or know me well enough to know) that even though what they just experienced was very raw and unfiltered, it is very controlled. Controlled emotion is a gift I am rediscovering and a gift I wish I could give to people who seem to have difficulty controlling their emotions. There is a balance between being raw and in the moment of your emotion and making sure you don’t bring others down in the process.

I am not skeptical of PMS or the changes in moods that come along with that, but what I am skeptical of is that many women use PMS as an excuse to be less than pleasant to be around (the previous statements are only an example). I fully believe that we have complete control over our emotions (that is: how we choose to display them), and if we don’t there is something awry and we need medical attention.  Really.  If our sorrow, our anger, our stress, our whatever is so intense that others are being dragged down with us or hurt in the process of “our whatever” we need to take a step back and gain control (or ask for help).

We are not to be obedient to our bodies (mind, will, and emotions–Romans 6:12) doing whatever it is our bodies suggest, but we are to discipline our bodies (Romans 8:13)gain control.


More about why I wrote this later…