I had the opportunity to spend some time alone yesterday.  It did not take three days or 7 days.  All it took was 30 minutes to shower and get dressed without anyone calling my name.  It was amazing and I feel totally refreshed.  I was in a much better mood yesterday and today.

I’m positive that most of you take for granted that you can pee and shower without someone walking in on you to get a few extra seconds of quality time or banging on the door-“Mommy! Andrea!”  just as you sit for a moment of peace.  What I want to know is why they all choose those moments instead of the five hours prior to that moment when I’m not behind a closed door doing things I want to do in silence?  I also want to know why what they have to say is so important  it can’t wait 60 seconds for me to pee and wash my hands in silence.

I’m sure that on a normal day–when I feel satisfied in my desire to go unnoticed–it isn’t as bothersome.  Today, it won’t be as bothersome as it was two days ago.  Anyway, I’ve had some time alone and ten hours of sleep.  I feel a tad normal again.  I feel at rest thanks to a little time alone.