I finished the interview exactly 53 minutes ago.  It went well!  I really like the two ladies I would be working with and unlike the other interview I had, I left wanting the job even more.  I learned that the stats they would require me to do are the stats that I did on a semi-daily basis at school.  I would also write up reports much like what I did in grad school. There are many aspects about the job that would give me an opportunity to do the things I enjoyed and miss about graduate work.

The interview was very relaxed.  So relaxed that after they asked me, “If you could be any animal what would you be?” I blurted, “Are you serious?  Is that really a question?”  I chose not to inform them that I think that is one of the dumbest questions on Earth. At least I hope I didn’t say that aloud. I also felt comfortable enough to almost say, “Ooo, I have a prepared answer for that question, can I just read it to you?”  I didn’t say that, though.

They will finish all of their interviews today and they are holding a second round of interviews next week–based on skills.  I can’t count on my charm for that one, so I’ll still need your prayers if I’m contacted for the second round ;).  If I pass that round, I’ll start the job this month!  I think I did do well in the interview.  I could feel your prayers and am truly thankful.  I found peace in remembering that regardless of how I do in the interview, it is all in God’s hands.