I’ve been reading over the job description for my interview tomorrow.  There is one sentence that is haunting me and I’m really psyching myself out about it.  “…highly skilled professional with exceptional statistical, analytical and computer skills…”  I just don’t know how highly skilled or exceptional I am–statistically speaking. In college stats was one of my favorite and best courses, but in graduate school… Oh graduate school.  I hated stats.  I do blame most of it on teaching methods (memorizing formulas just isn’t at all helpful.  I can’t even remember my own phone number.) and situational factors (my bumper sticker read: I’d rather be anywhere but here).  I do not doubt that I could do well at this job because I am a fast learner and quite honestly I enjoy watching numbers work together. But I’m doubting if I’m qualified enough to do it tomorrow.  Maybe I’m just making sure I don’t walk in there over confident.  Then again, the rest of the description does say “working knowledge” of statistics. I’ve got that. Ugh!  And it’s at 8 in the morning.  That is my worst hour.  Really.  I wish I hadn’t sold my stats books on Amazon.com. I’m just nervous. That’s all.

I really want this job.  It would be so great for so many reasons.  They really should hire me. I really want this job.  It’s perfect.  I haven’t even asked all of my questions and I already know it’s perfect.  Did I say that I really want this job? As I type this I’m hoping that I won’t have to come back here and say that I didn’t get the job. That would be a real bummer.  Would you cry with me?  Maybe you wouldn’t cry, but you’d be bummed too, right? ACK!  If I don’t get this job and I ascribe to the belief that God will have something better…all I have to say is WHOA!  Based on my job and educational experience, what we need for our family, and what I have a desire to do career wise there isn’t a better job out there.

That was more than I intended to share, but there you have it folks.  I’m going to go prepare for the interview. I’ll check in tomorrow to tell you how it went,and of cours I’ll let you know if I got the job or not.