I have another job interview this Thursday morning.  I’m really excited about this position and the prospect of working for this company.  In fact I have never been so excited about any of the jobs I’ve applied for as I am for this one.  If I get this position it would meet my minor criteria plus exceed a few expectations.  For example, I will be able to use all of the things I learned while in graduate school. I had just about chalked that experience up to a life lesson. In addition to this, regardless of which job I get, we found a preschool that has an opening for Noah. It is a Christian pre-school and they teach Spanish.  I have felt strongly that Noah should be at a Christian pre-school and the Spanish aspect will give him a bit of a head start for kindergarten.   The preschool is also right across the street from Nathan’s office.  Things are lining up for us.  Please pray that I get this job.  I think this is “the one.”

Note: This is also one of the positions I applied for where I thought I gave out conflicting contact numbers.  Again, it was a position that did not require the cover letter.