I’m not an idiot.  I was checking up on a couple of applications and I found out that I didn’t actually have to use a cover letter.  I don’t yet know that status of one application, but I am in the candidate pool for the other position.  I have no way of checking on the other jobs, but I’m now pretty sure that I didn’t even need to add a cover letter to those applications. I’ve applied for so many jobs it really is hard to keep up with what each one has required.

In other good news: Moriah’s tooth is now visibly loose!  We are both very excited about this.  I predict that by the end of the week Moriah will have lost this tooth.  She is wiggling it as often as she can and pleading with God for it to come out on its own so she doesn’t need it pulled by the dentist.

And that’s the good news.