Thanksgiving with the fam was very nice.  Very low key for The Ranch.  The food was yummy.  No after meal naps on the couch this year, due to a series of unfortunate events.


Nathan and I sat up last night figuring out where we wanted to go, what time the place opened, and what we would buy there.  Our list contained two places and two items, which was perfect considering we would have the kids with us, we’ve never done this before, and we have no money. As my alarm sounded at 3am this morning I wondered if it was really worth getting out of my nice,  cozy bed to experience the madness of Black Friday.  I had just about convinced myself that sleeping was a much better idea when I heard Nathan get up.  It was 4 am.  We had the kids sleep in their clothes which made waking them up at 4am a lot easier (Noah didn’t have a problem with it since he’s used to waking up at 4am).  I was excited.

Our first stop was Penneys (opened at 4am).  Nathan didn’t really like the kitchen idea as a gift for the kids so we picked up a gift there.  The kids waited in the car with Nathan while I tackled the department store crowds.  I thought for sure many people would have been going for the gift we went for, but once Ifinally found it, there were at least 12 left. It was crowded, but very easy to find a short line and there was no madness.  I was looking for madness so I was a little disappointed at that aspect. But SCORE I got the gift!  The next stop was Macy’s (opened at 5).  We were at the doors before it opened at people did rush in, but considering Macy’s prices, there was not a mob or anything.  Once again I mis-estimated that people would be going for wool coats for men.  So, Nathan had no problems getting the coat that we went there for and there was no line. In fact there was a salesperson that helped Nathan.  Score 2 for getting the prize, score 0 for madness.  By the time we finished at the mall and went to the grocery store to get some munchies, Wal-Mart was pretty sane.

Now is the part where I should tell you that Nathan spent one hour in Macy’s trying on coats.  It wasn’t like he was trying on several different coats, he was trying on the same two over and over again.  Trying to decide between the charcoal grey and the black. Wool/Nylon blend or Wool/Cashmere blend. This is also the part where I tell you that Nathan is learning that he likes to look GQ (still will not admit that he’s metro-sexual) and is realizing that clothes look so much nicer when they fit you properly.  Anyway, he got a super good deal on a black wool/cashmere full-length coat. Worth being up that early. He looks quite dapper, but now he thinks he needs leather gloves and a men’s hat. “Do I get the charcoal so I can also wear it when I wear brown? Cause the black won’t look right with brown suits.”

“Honey, if you are at the point where you are that concerned, you are the kind of man that needs to buy another wool coat, in camel.”

“Maybe next year at Black Friday I can get a camel-colored one.”

So, Wal-Mart.  We found one of the movies on our list of movies we want, we went to self check out and off we went. The thing that took the longest was trying to find where they had the movies.  Score 3 for the prize. Score 0 for madness. By this time it’s about 6:45am. The kids are still doing great and so are we.

Nathan had to go get his blood drawn at 8:30am for a drug study, so we killed time in Kohl’s.  We were not planning to buy anything there, but the kids needed some pants and shirts (someone tell me when Moriah started wearing a size 7).  There were really good deals on both of those.  They each got two pairs of pants, a shirt and some jammies.  We ran into someone we know so we stood and talked to them for about 15 minutes. Then I stood in line for about 20 minutes while Nathan went with the kids to get his blood drawn. This one lady kept hitting my heels with her cart until I turn around and gently pushed it away with a smile. By this point I was ready to go home and the kids were excited to get home, have hot cocoa, put on their new items and watch their new movie, Kung Fu Panda. We were supposed to be done at this point.

4 prize-1 madness

But I made the mistake of mentioning that a suit place in the mall had suits on sale for $79.  But before we went back to the mall, which by now is packed with people, we went to two office supply stores to get things for Nathan’s new job (which I realize I haven’t told you about yet).  Kohl’s is where the kids started getting irritated.  We had our stuff, but Nathan lingered in the men’s department. So, anyway, we waited in the car while he went inside to get blank disks, then when he went back inside to get a different kind.  These were on the list, but I forgot to write it down.  He was in and out in a total of 10 minutes.

Prize: 5 -madness:1.

Then we went to another supply store to get a wireless mouse for 5 bucks.  He didn’t see it in there.  I sent him back inside to ask someone if they had anymore.  All gone.  This was also on the list.  This was our first miss as far as loot goes.  Not bad. It’s about 10 am at this point and I only agree to go back to the mall with MetroMan if the kids and I get to have a Scooby Snack.  We get to the mall, and it is packed.  I was thankful that I wasn’t actually shopping at this point.  I was just trying not to fall asleep.  The kids and I stand in line to get a pretzel while Nathan goes to the suit store.  He said, after being asked several times, that he was going to the suit store.  So after we get our pretzel and sit down right in front of Macy’s to eat it, then walk all the way to the other side of the mall to the suit store, we discover that Nathan isn’t in there.

Where is he?  He’s in Macy’s looking at peacoats cause those were a really good deal and he’s been wanting one for years.  I lectured him over the phone after he brought up leather gloves.  Noah and I fell asleep in a chair while Moriah kept watch over us.  Then, Nathan finally makes it to the suit store (he didn’t get the coat), shops in there a little while longer then we go home.

We made it home around 11:30am. The kids got on their stuff, Nat made hot cocoa and they watched the movie. I sneaked off upstairs to go to sleep.  After the movie the others went to sleep as well.  Soon, we’re off to our neighbors for pizza and apps.  She was one of the crazier people in line at Toys R Us at 2:30 (they opened at 4). She got her prize!

All-in-all we had a lot of fun. I think we had the right amount of madness for our first time (especially since we had the kids). We decided to start a tradition of going to Black Friday (with the kids) to get a movie (and jammies?) then come home and watch the movie before we sleep for the rest of the day.  It was all worth it and I’m glad I got out of bed. The kids were great and Nathan and I did well too.

We got all but one of our prizes.  I didn’t end up with a crazy story to tell, but we started what we hope will become a tradition and I love starting family traditions.