I’m sure by now all of you know about Facebook. I have been a member for almost two years now.  If you have trouble prioritizing, have addictive tendencies, or difficulties with procrastination, you would probably fall into one of the more active member categories.  It is a neat social networking tool and some people are even as bold as to use it for business. Fancy that.

Anyway, my point.  Facebook gives you the option to let people know your status.  Your name is concrete and is followed by the word “is.”  You can delete that word and add another once you finally figure out what you are doing move up in ranks as a member .The status update could also be something you are thinking about…

The beginner’s status is typically, “______ is trying to figure out Facebook.”  Intermediate member, “_____ is at work.” Or something else simple.  Advanced-Intermediate, “____ wants to know when it will stop raining.” Notice how the “is” is now “wants.”  This person most likely has added a bit of info to their page and has Facebooked their way through their lunch break.  The advanced Facebooker cares not about the verbs and articles–throws caution to the grammatical-error-wind and tends to get a little more creative with their status by quoting songs or people.  Status updates can be very informative, humorous, or whatever. For me there is a lot of pressure as to what to put there.

I personally can rarely think of a status that I actually think should be posted on Facebook.  They are usually things that are followed by the thought, “I can’t put that up there.” All of you lovely readers are used to my spells of inappropriateness, awkwardness, or my plight with learning what TMI really means. The status updates I think of are boring, not very informative,  and not really what I would initially say my status is at that very moment.  And I wonder how many people are filtering their status updates.  I do it all the time cause I’m not so sure I want people to actually get to know me (not that a status update would do that, it would just reveal something about myself that I’m still protecting just a little) on Facebook.  I don’t want people to know that I’m actually really inappropriate and socially awkward.  But then again it could be like everything else where they already think I am inappropriate and socially awkward (OR creative and not mercy motivated). I just want them to keep up with me or I them.  I also don’t want to scare people.  But you guys, especially if you were a reader of Slowly Emerging (I miss that blog), nothing I say could shock you now.  Some of you are “glad I’m back” when I get this way (maybe) others of you are cringing yet again. Either way, you’ve come to expect a certain amount of abnormality.  Maybe the normality as of late has bored you. Anyway, here are some status updates that I never posted, but thought about only to log off  or write something simple:

In no particular order:

Andrea wishes she had bigger boobs.

Andrea probably shouldn’t have eaten a whole bag of chips in one day.

Andrea is constipated.

Andrea has cramps.

Andrea thinks you should stop posting so much of your “business” on Facebook.

Andrea has worn the same jeans three days in a row.

Andrea wants to strangle her son.

Andrea has really bad gas.

That’s all I can remember.  The point is, it happens.  I probably will always filter.  It’s a shame that filtering leaves me with nothing.  I’m going to see how creative I can get without crossing my self-imposed line.