So, the store I went to did not have oil or acrylic paint.  I tried really hard and avoided flipping out on some employee.  “How can you be a craft store with a painting section full of spray paint and paint pens?!”

So I bought a yard stick, instead.  I need a yardstick to make some cool pajama pants.  So there you have it, there will be no painting in this house.  I’m going to wash dishes, make supper and then internally complain about the forces against my desire to make something other than food.

In an update about Halloween.  Our party was great!  I loved it and the kids loved it.  I think Nathan enjoyed himself too.  Our caramel apples were very yummy.  Only about 4 kids even came to our house, which really sucked.  I’m about 0 for 4 in the Halloween handout category.   In fact, I was walking out the door to get some lemons and oranges for our cider when I saw three kids walking my direction.  I yelled (anyone know that me yelling across the street is a sign of desperation?) across the driveway, “Number 1 has candy!” I was a little excited.

The kid mumbled something then went directly to our neighbor’s house.  They never even stopped by ours!  One of the other treaters was Nathan’s brother.  Nathan didn’t know I padded our bag of goodies with candy, so all his brother got was a pencil and a bag of Goldfish.  Ha!

Well I’m off to create some suds and a clean kitchen.  Ahh!!!