I’m the lady that tries to think of an economical way to hand out carrots on Halloween.  I do not want to be a willing party to cavities, obesity, and the like.  I go a little overboard in my thinking, but I really do find it hard to hand out junk food.  I would rather invite all of the neighborhood kids over for a few games and prizes.  I really want the kids to come to our house cause it’s another opportunity to give.  I love to give.  Years prior Nathan has warned me that if I want kids to come I need to have cool candy.  If I don’t kids will tell other kids, “don’t go to that house, it’s lame.”

One year I listened to his warning, bought candy bars but still no one came.  This year I didn’t care.  So I bought pencils, erasers and pencil grips.  But then I found out that Nathan told his mom that I’m going to be “the dork that hands out pencils on Halloween”.  When I was a kid (and now) I would have been ecstatic to get a pencil on Halloween. Then I thought about how most people are not freaks about office and school supplies. So I broke down and bought some candy to mix in with the pencils.  It’s all in a old rice sack. Whatever I pull out is whatever they get.

So what are we doing for Halloween?  The kids decided they wanted to have a party.  They have not enjoyed the house to house thing–it’s too cold.  We also tried trick or treating at a nursing home.  Not only was it lame, it was the most depressing, morbid activity I have ever participated in on Halloween.  I try to steer my kids away from that type of thing.  It was all the residents sitting outside their doors with ice cream pails full of…tootsie rolls.  None of them smiled.  Then the kids were all in a slow moving line like they were off to slaughter or something.  All you could hear was the shuffle of feet and the rhythmic drone of  children saying, “Trick or treat” about every five seconds. So I  liked the party idea–I feel comfortable with that.  This way we stay warm and I don’t end up with a bunch of candy to throw away. So we all are supposed to dress up, but so far the kids are the only ones with complete costumes.  Moriah is a pink fairy (I made/refashioned) her costume, and Noah is a horse.  We are going to turn on our strobe light, listen to music and dance, make caramel apples and watch Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin while eating theater style popcorn.  It’s going to be fun.