A rant about nothing meaningful.

I was watching a Veggie Tales movie with the kids last night and got really frustrated.  The Veggie Tales characters are all some type of produce with or without eyes and none of them have hands or legs.  I’ve always noticed this and it has never bothered me until last night.

The thing is that these characters are always doing things that you need hands for (rowing boats, picking up a telephone, wielding a sword, etc.) but they don’t have hands.  For some reason this really began to bother me and it struck me as quite ridiculous.

The other thing is that I read a lot of craft blogs–I used to.  I’ve cut back since realizing that reading blogs about creative women and what they were creating was in no way helping me be more creative or productive, and I’ve realized that their creativity is dictated by craft trends…Anyway, it is common for these women to shoot pictures of their creations that just happen to have their feet, toes or shoes in the picture.  It was really cute the first year I saw it, but now it’s just cheesy.  Just take the dang picture of your quilt and leave your cutesy little hot pink toes out of the shot.  Who cares if you just painted your toenails?  I just don’t get the point, that’s all.