If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins. -Ben Franklin

Passion for most is a feeling.  A feeling that drives us to action.  A feeling that dictates our thoughts and desires.  I had passion once.  Lots of passion for certain things in my life.  Passion that fueled my desires and my actions.  But now, I don’t feel that passion.  Without that passion it is difficult for me to be spurred on in those areas.  Motivation is lacking.

I’ve been thinking about this lately and have asked myself that if I cannot accomplish those things without feeling passion, was I truly passionate about them in the first place? I realized that if I gave those things up because the feeling was gone, I could not claim to be passionate about them. I’ve come to the conclusion that true passion is a passion of decision.  That even when the feeling of passion is gone, we still decide to act, to think and to desire.  Passion fueled by feelings alone is as fleeting and fickle as our human emotions.  Passion is deciding when the feeling is no longer there.

So, some of those areas that I thought I lost passion for, I am in a place of decision.  I am deciding to continue even though I don’t feel it, and it has never been better.  I’ve never been more confident and more sure that my desire is real and it is never going anywhere.

I think we give up too quickly when we “loose passion.” We begin to second guess ourselves and we give up.  But the feeling of passion is only the beginning.  We haven’t even begin to crest real passion if we stop once the feeling is gone. At that point, passion hasn’t truly gone, we are simply entering another phase.  The phase of being decidedly passionate.