going to run the half marathon again.  I’m pretty excited.

dancing again.  It hurts and I’m not as flexible as I want to be and my ankles got weak from sitting at a desk for two years sure if my heart is in it anymore.  In the immortal words of someone with very small feet, “I think you just need to cut yourself some slack.”

going to knit.  I always said I would when we moved to an apartment.  Knitting Noah’s scarf was so refreshing, yet trying to make some quilted bibs was so anxiety inducing.  All the little pieces associated with quilting and I don’t really have a good place for it or the time and it all just makes me want to throw myself on the floor and have a tantrum. Knitting is something I found myself doing while I was doing something else, or in the car while I waited for Peanut after school.  I’m buying some circular needles and I’m going to make myself a hat.  If I don’t like the way it looks on me, I’ll give to someone who will be gorgeous in it.

amazed that Noah eats soap like a champ.  After calling his sister, “Mr. Stupidpants,” he eagerly stuck out his tongue for the soap (he did grimace a little).  I think I’ll try a different kind next time.

very excited to show you the pictures I took of Noah at our photo shoot yesterday.  I think I took up a roll and a half.  He LOVED it, and so did I.  I have just 4 more shots to take up, then I’ll send the film to Walgreens.  So by Friday I should have some.  I’m going to get his and the ones from Moriah’s shoot turned into wallet sizes to give out to friends and family.