Not that I haven’t been babbling enough on here, I thought I’d do another one of my stream of consciousness thingies again.  Cause I want to write something, but I don’t really know what to talk about right now. So this is going to be you experiencing the “once you get me talking, it’s hard to get me to stop thing.”

Today Moriah put a tattoo on her belly button, pretended the blueberries from our dessert were braces, and drew a picture of Tinkerbell dressed up like a clown.  Noah drew his first pictures of fruits.  I’m titling them “First Fruits.”  I slept a lot and was really crabby.  I’m learning that I get crabby if I’m not productive, and seeing as how I slept for the better part of the morning, I didn’t get much done today.

We did have a Fall Harvest Feast.  I made Harvest Pot Roast, corn on the cob, and blueberry crisp for dessert. Yum Yum.  I like to cook.  That’s one of those things I want to get really good at and spoil people when they come to my house.  I don’t want to make money doing it, but I want to get super duper.

At the end of the evening, the kids played on Nathan and got really sweaty.  What a way to end the night.  They went to bed smiling.  That’s really important to me.  That the kids have a great time going to bed.  I feel like no matter how the day went, if it ends well all the rest melts away–in our world anyway.