Well, so far I have been denied one out of one jobs.  I’m working this week on more applications and hoping something works out.  Never anticipated that I would actually have to get a job and it’s most unfortunate that the vast amount of experience I have gained by being a homemaker is not something I can put on a resume without getting laughed at.

I went to this women in music showcase a while ago.  (there was this lady there that stood-balanced on her upright bass in spiked heels and played it!  That was awesome, very cool.  I just had to tell you that). One lady’s thoughts for her life were very helpful for me:  Dreams are great, but they don’t pay the bills.  That’s why she got a “real job” first then focused on music.  It’s so true, and I need to remind myself of that.  Sometimes I’m a little too idealistic for my own good.  Get’s me in skads of trouble.  I can have my head far in the clouds with some things, but with most I’m pretty practical…maybe.  I know how to be practicle anyway.

So as a parent I want to encourage dreams but I also want to encourage being marketable.  I’m realizing that after years and years of staying at home, I’m not very marketable.  As long as I can get my foot in the door I know I can win them over.  I just gotta get my foot in the door.