Earlier this month, Nathan and I made it known to our church that after seven years of service, we are stepping down from leadership.  Nathan is no longer the pastor of our church, but we will continue to be members of this church. They are our family.  This has come not as a result of anything negative going on in our lives or in the church.  We simply feel that the Lord is calling us to other things.    We feel such peace in our hearts and everyone in our church is handling things very well…so far.

There is not a pastor in line to take Nathan’s place, so our oversight will help our church transition and we all will be praying for the next person to step up.  Please pray as well, that God would make the next pastor very clear and that the Lord would prepare his heart and ours.

It has been a life-changing 7 years.  I’m looking forward to the changes that are yet to come.