For some reason I thought I would breeze through motherhood without my children bringing in creepy crawlies. And because of my own childhood affinity for bugs I never thought I’d be grossed out by creepy crawlies. Until…

Moriah has decided that worms make good pets.  She harvested more than a few the last time we were at the Ranch.  She has also decided that these worms should live in my refrigerator.  I’m fine with that as long as the container doesn’t spill.  Recently she has recruited Noah into worm collecting.  He came inside the other day joyfully exclaiming, “Mom, we have worms!”  If only he knew that could mean more than what he intended.  Then, Moriah comes in and shows me a baby one.  Those things weren’t so bad.  In fact, yesterday’s worm adventures made me realize that this is great and valuable lesson in life science.

Noah had two worms.  He dumped them out to look at them and the neighbor girl, Little Miss P mistakenly took her shoe to it.  Noah didn’t see this.  When he returned he tried to convince Moriah that it was sleeping.  She equally tried to convince him that worms don’t sleep.  Then she broke the news to him–it’s dead.  He’s in denial because there are now two dead worms in a jar of dirt in my fridge.  I thought that was cute.  But then…

Moriah dumped her cup.  It’s a little yogurt container.  I’ve seen inside it before, but there were only about four worms and a lot of dirt inside.  That’s all I saw, anyway.  But she dumped out her cup and there was this massive ball of tangled worms on the ground.  And she was ecstatic.  Giggling like some mad scientist.  I was so disgusted.  I kept asking her if she always had that many.  She said she did, but I don’t believe it.  I think they are dividing and they will soon take over my fridge. Ew.  Then I thought that maybe the kids could make a little extra money by growing and selling worms. There is quite the market for it up here with all these lakes and all the fishing that goes on. Anyway, they are both quite proud of their worms. Dead or alive.

It is a highlight of their day. “Hey, Noah, when we get home let’s go outside and play with our worms!”

And I am thankful for a moment to have them out of my fridge.