Let me preface all of this by saying that me getting my hair cut is NOT the most exciting thing going on in my life right now.  So, with that said.  You can still let me know what you think about the hair cuts, but I’m going to tell you which one I’m leaning toward as of today.  I have until Friday to make a decision.

I’m leaning toward haircut 3.  Here’s why:

My goal is not to have shorter hair, but to grow out the layers and chop off the damage so that I can grow my hair long.  This cut will allow for all of those things while maintaining some length and adding a little shape.

My second choice is #6, because the flip side to my practicality is be a little drastic and impractical.  It’s almost winter, so the short hair could make my neck really cold, but that’s what scarves are for.  Right?  I would not be able to put this in a ponytail and it would require more maintenance than I’m willing to offer at the moment.  Though it would get rid of most ALL of my damaged hair, it would put me further away from my goal of growing it out.  My hair isn’t so damaged that a regular trim could not solve the problems. But I think it would be super cute on me.

My last choice is #1.  Cause sometimes I can be a little psycho, irrational and unpredictable.  I really like this and would like to give it a shot, but anytime my hair is really short I get tired of it cause it isn’t as versitle. I need versitle hair cause I get bored quickly of the same old do.  So if I’m thinking short term and if I’m feeling a little psycho on Friday, this is probably what I would do.  No worries though.  I would have to first talk myself out of a lot of other things.

I’ll take before and after pictures, but because we shoot with film it might take a while before they are posted.