Noah is quickly getting a new name for himself.  The Negotiator.  What’s worse than his negotiating (which is really good for a four year old), is that he knows he’s cute and tries to use that against me.  Take tonight for instance.

Moriah has a cold.  I don’t usually give medicine to my kids unless it will effect their sleep or if they are miserable.  Noah, however likes to take medicine even if he isn’t sick.  Here’s the conversation that insued as Moriah was slowly drinking her meds:

(Noah is rubbing his tummy.)

N: I need some medicine.

M: Does your tummy hurt?

N: Yeah.

(I pull out the pepto tablets for kids (they are nasty)).

N: No, not that one.

M: But your tummy hurts.  This is what you take when your tummy hurts.

N: No, but I want the one that Riah has.

M: But that one isn’t for tummies.

N: Riah, what’s wrong with you?

The Girl is silent.

N: Riah! Tell me what’s wrong with you so I can have that one!

I’m trying to teach him that taking medicine when we are not sick can make us sick or cause the medicine to not work when we need it.  He doesn’t care.  He just wants his sugar fix anyway he can get it.  So, I let him lick out whatever is left once Moriah is all done with her dose.  He really is a sorry sight.

In other news about Noah I keep getting confirmation that he is a true turkey.  I will have to warn his teacher that he might look like he isn’t paying attention, but he is and he’s probably one step ahead.  It was my big grand idea that I would go through some preschool books with the boy cause he’s  “missing out” on going to school, and because he’s a turkey I think he’s a little more behind than he should be for his age (but he isn’t).  I’ve never really focused much on counting and letters with Noah, cause he couldn’t sit still long enough and he just didn’t seem interested, and cause he wasn’t the firstborn who got all of my undivided attention at the expense of cooking, cleaning, anything.

I spent 15 minutes going over recognizing the letters F, G, and H.  At the end of constant repetition he would still call them all “J.”  But he can tell you what sound F makes, like nobody’s business. I was exhausted and was reassured that we were making the right decision to not homeschool our children.  It’s kind of the same with counting.  Only he sometimes gives me a little hint that he knows more than he lets on.  Sometimes he’ll count to 20 with no problem, but then there are times that you ask him to count and you’d think no one has ever counted anything around him before.  BUT the thing that gets me the most is his amazing Rainman like ability to count groups.

A few weeks ago we were at a sheep barn.  There was a group of sheep close to us and more in the distance.  I was being funny and asked him how many sheep there were cause it all looked like a big mass and I expected him to say some absurd number like one million.  Without missing a beat he replied, “8.”  I counted the number in the group closest to us and there were 8.

Tonight we were playing UNO (please ignore the age limit on the box.  We play this game as a family and have great fun. My kids were 3 and 5 when they first played–openhanded. And now they can play on their own. Unless Noah is being a turkey).  So anyway, Noah was being a turkey and added his hand to Moriah’s when she got up to drink some of her tea.  I didn’t know what they had so I asked him.  He said, “I had 5 blue ones and 1 yellow one.”  Sure enough, that’s the way it was. There was no moment when he was obviously counting what was in his hand.  I think he’s just good with numbers, like his daddy who also happens to be a turkey.

In case anyone is wondering that is not “turkey” as in “jive turkey”, that “turkey” as in “little stinker” or “booger.”