Those cupcakes were wonderful!  I just had two for breakfast.  If you make these note that the batter will be really runny.  That’s okay.  They cook up into these melt in your mouth chocolaty delights.  The frosting is very creamy and yummy.  I found myself wanting to lick it so that it would coat my entire tounge rather than being mixed in with the cupcake.  With each bite I could hear the moisture, then they would practically dissolve on my tongue.  Yum. Yum.

I was thinking about these cupcakes this morning after dropping off The Girl.  And how they are so bad for you, but so good.  Then it clicked.  That’s why they say something is sinfully good.  People keep sinning because it feels good–the “freedom”, but it’s bad for you. Very. very. Bad. Don’t do it.  BUT since sinning doesn’t make me feel good.  Sinning makes me feel rotten and separated from God.  So that marketing scheme doesn’t work on me.  I’d rather eat  something from Chocolate Heaven.  Now, that’s something I’d want to eat.

In other random news, I never let you know that I moved all of my posts from my craft blog onto this blog.  So if you feel like goofing off a little bit longer, feel free to roam around and see if there is anything you hadn’t read yet.