I lost.  But we both agreed that I might know what I’m doing now.  Chance is never on my side which is why I didn’t win at BINGO, why I’ve never won any drawings or contests, why I will never gamble, and why I’m glad my life is not determined by chance.

But other exciting news, Nathan is craving chocolate.  This is so amazing because I am also craving chocolate.  Neither of us crave the stuff (not at the same time). When we eat it, it must be decadent. A Snickers just won’t do.  So, I’m going to seize the moment and make these tonight.  I chose these cause all I have to buy is eggs and buttermilk.  Both are something I would buy anyway and all I need is a little justification.  BTW why does stuff that is really good have to be described with terms like “devilish” or “sinfully?”