Nathan and I are on our third day of a Monopoly game we started Friday.  The first time we played Monopoly the game ended with me in tears.  He was mean and cut throat.  My prior Monopoly experience was playing alone.  So therefore I know no strategy. As the youngest and only girl I was always too young to play with the big boys.  Anyway, it’s been 7 years since we played.  Cause he made me cry.  Friday I was finally ready to take him on.  This time I had a strategy…give him some booze.

Two large glasses of cheap wine later, the game was pretty even and I was sittin’ pretty.  Unfortunately, Nathan landed on Free Parking at least twice and was sitting a tad bit better than I  as far as property was concerned, but there was still a lot of property to be purchased from the bank. I do find myself praying that I would win or land on Free Parking.  Cause God cares about the little things 😉 . Thankfully, my brothers did let me watch them play Monopoly so I knew that Boardwalk and Park Place are two great ones to have.  I had the monopoly and would soon find that they would be my only saving grace.

Saturday:  Nathan lands on free parking again and buys lots of houses for his green properties, which I tend to land on the most–after Chance or Community Chest.  I do have houses at this point, but no money and I owed him $1100 in rent.  I had to mortgage all but my monopoly, sell two houses,  and then let him spot me 100 bucks until I passed GO.  At this point, I did whine and give him puppy dog eyes. “I’ve never played before…” I whined.  I tried to cry, but I really just wanted to kick his butt fair and square. I did not cry and on the last turn of the evening I landed on Free Parking!  At this point in the game, If Nathan lands on my property, he will be in a bind.  It feels good.  I hope I win.  We’re playing round three tonight after he and the kids get back from the basketball game (Nathan is playing).

So, since they are gone I get free time!  I think I might sew.  I started cutting out a dress a couple of weeks ago.  I might do that or finish the sock animals (horse for Noah, monkey for Moriah) for the kids.  They would not be happy if they knew I sewed and it wasn’t their animals…

Anyway.  I’ll let you know how the game goes tonight.  This is like my third real Monopoly game in my whole life.  Nathan is competitive, but we both agree that I am more so.