If you come to our house the kids will ask for days when you are going to be here, and when that day comes they will ask every hour when you are coming. Then when the long hand gets on the 6 they will look out the window and watch for your car. Every car that passes will be your car. Once they get tired of looking out the window for you they will open the door and watch in an anticipation that is contagious. As you pull in our parking lot, you can’t hear it yet, but they are yelling and cheering. You can’t see it, but they are jumping for joy. Just because you are at our house. They love to have people over, and remind us when we need to have someone at our house. Once you’re inside you are at their mercy. They are young so it seems like they are making you pay attention to them, but they are really pouring into you and making sure you have a great experience at our home. They will entertain you and show you all their tricks and their favorite toys. They love interacting with you and making you smile and laugh.

As much as I love cooking and preparing for our guests to come, I love watching them wait for you.