I’m preparing for a Sunday School class I’m teaching at church in September.  I’m putting together a class for the singles on how to meal plan.  I feel like it is something I have to offer, something they (and married people) need.  I think people kind of have the idea that you are supposed to flounder around in the kitchen until you get married, and hope you marry someone who knows how to and likes to cook.  Not true.  I never knew my kitchen skills were something I took for granted until I heard about people who weren’t taught.  I lived in the kitchen as a child.  So anyway, my point is.  I have so much information in my head I’m having trouble narrowing things down to four weeks and organizing it all into a nice logical course. That’s my only problem.  But I’m really excited, and even if only one person comes I’m really pumped about it.  Cause I get to teach something I love and I get to buy supplies for the “students.”

Today I went out and bought folders for everyone.  I don’t know how many people are coming, but I bought ten folders just in case.  It’s really early on a Sunday morning and I’m probably the only one that will have trouble dragging myself out of bed for it, but I set myself up for low attendance because of the time.  Sunday is the only day I’d really prefer to sleep in.  I also bought a flip chart.  I’m super excited about the flip chart. It’s on my living room floor right now.  It’s so fun writing all neat on the bright white paper.  One of the markers didn’t work to well, but the red and blue are better colors anyway.  I toil over what order to put everything in, what should go on what page and what should go on the handouts in their folders.  I really want everyone to get a lot out of it and I want to present it well.

When I walked into the office supply place it was like I was a drug addict about to take a hit.  It was so fun.  But I held back.  I didn’t want to scare the children with my excitement.  Even though Moriah’s school does community supplies (so we don’t get to shop for supplies) I picked up a school supply list anyway, just so I could read it.  I’m a dork.  So, I hope ten isn’t enough folders cause then that means lots of people are excited about the class and I get to go to the office supply store again.