But, I’m sure to grow and learn from it all.

1.  Remember how I mentioned that I forgot all about a birthday party Moriah was supposed to go to three weeks ago?  Well, I’ve called twice now and no phone calls have been returned.  That relationship is over.  I completely understand what I assume their child is feeling. As a result of someone hurting their child, I know how they must be feeling.  It’s unfortunate.  Maybe we’re better off…

2. After a meeting with a community member  to lay all the cards out on the table as to why our relationship sucks.  I feel like crap.  Cause as we all know, it was all my fault.  I wish I even knew what to say so I could share a little bit more with you, but I’ve seriously just returned home from the meeting and I really need to go pray and have God tell me the truth.

As a citizen of society interacting with other citizen’s of society, I get to have someone completely wipe me off the slate as a decent human being because I am human and flawed and I forget really important things like a birthday party.  Trust me, I feel horrible.  But I’m also pissed that someone would let that be the end of all communication or efforts at a relationship.   So anyway.  I would like to live in a bubble surrounded by people who like me and people who will tell me when I’ve stepped on their toes.  A bubble that’s full of lemon blueberry scones, dark chocolate, dancing, and laughter. Anyway.  I’m going to go call someone that likes me, maybe make some cookies and crack open a bottle of wine while sitting on the couch staring at the wall.

edited 32 minutes later:  The mom just called!  So they aren’t mad at us anymore 😉  Moriah has a playdate set up for Wednesday.  Hooray!