Summer is winding down.  School starts in just over two weeks, and I must say–I’m  not ready.  The kids have made this summer one of the best I’ve ever had, and I don’t want my time at home with both of them to end.  I know that Noah and  I will get bored.  What will we do without Moriah at home?  She’s like her dad in that way–lots of fun, the life of the party. Very entertaining.  Noah is too, but he usually feeds off Moriah, be it her laughter or her initiating the silliness.  Every day was a highlight this summer, so it would be difficult to determine what I liked best about the summer. But I think I could manage some highlights.

In no particular order:

  • Taking the kids on the city buses for a day trip to the twin parks of our town and our neighboring town.
  • Watching Moriah teach herself to ride a bike.  Then practice tricks.
  • Noah riding a horse.
  • San Diego/Mexico trip

What where some of the highlights of your summer (so far).