Ephesians 2:11-22

Nathan has been doing a sermon series on the book of Ephesians.  This series has been based on the three principles that Watchman Nee proposes are within Ephesians– sit, walk, stand.  Nee has a book with the same title.  Each verb speaks of our position with Christ.  I suggest reading the book.  It’s short, but it’s meaty.

Nathan’s sermons are divided by these principles, but he has been able to add.  Today he talked about being near to God and far from Him.  It is so hard for us to understand that as soon as, it’s immediate, we give our lives to Jesus we have a place in God’s house.  We dwell with Him in His house.  That struck me. I’ve had people live in my home that weren’t a part of my immediate family.  It is very different than simply living on the same block. You can’t hide your true colors for very long…They begin to know you in a way that they never did before.  So what makes us feel like we are far off from Him when we are dwelling with Him?  We have full access to the Living God, but yet we can feel so distant.

I like to describe the way I feel with a picture.  I think it helps myself and others understand the true emotion rather than simply using a word or two. A couple of weeks ago I was finally able to put words to how I had been feeling in regards to my relationship with the Lord.  I felt distant.  But to say “distant” was not quite true.  I felt as if I were in a snow globe and God was holding it.  Shaking it and looking inside.  On the inside I was talking to him but because I was in this dome he could not hear me.  So, I’ve felt like God was right there.  I’m in the palm of His hand, but something was hindering the relationship. I stopped trying to figure out what it was, but I came to the conclusion that no matter how I felt, God could still hear me so I needed to talk to Him anyway.  That whole talking thing is very crucial to good relationships.

No matter how we feel, truth is truth.  Maybe something was hindering my relationship with God.  I know He’ll show me in time.  But regardless of the dome I was in, I still need to relate to God and not run and hide–he “has destroyed the barrier.”  A lot of times when we feel distant from God, we just need to spend more time with Him (same with people, right).