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A few nights ago Noah woke up several times in a row, and on the final time he yelled my name out a few times just before he vomited and walked down two sets of stairs to tell us. Nathan and I were watching a movie (the 3rd Pirates movie), one I don’t approve of, but I figured I be a grown up for a second. So I thought Noah was waking up taunted as a result of our movie choice (still could be, but keep reading to find out why he really woke up ill).

I really hate it when my kids are sick. Not because vomit makes me cringe (it’s unpredictable, stinky, and just.plain.icky). If I ever have anything to do with you when you are puking know that I have just shown you the deepest love. So, I hate when my kids are sick because I feel helpless. If I know why they are ill I feel like I can make it all better. I spent the better part of my night trying to figure out why the boy got sick. So I could prevent it from happening again. He didn’t have a fever, no chills, he wasn’t hot. Eventually I figured he was dehydrated from all of the activity of the day.

Yesterday, I mentioned dehydration as the reason for his sickness when I was trying to teach the kids about the importance of drinking plenty of water when we’ve been outside in the sun a lot.

me: Remember the other night when you got sick? It was because you were dehydrated and didn’t have enough water.

the boy: No it wasn’t. It was because I had a dream about when I was a baby.

I was all ears at this point. I thought for sure he was being clever, and trying to out wit me. But the tone in his voice and the look on his face, let me know to keep listening.

“You had a dream? (He never remembers or tells me about his dreams) What happened?”

I had surgery.”

“Was that scary?”

Yeah, I got blood.

Before he said that, I was still half way thinking he just remembered from pictures and stories. But we never mentioned blood. When he said that he got all bloody, I thought about the fact that he needed a blood transfusion while he was in the OR.

“What did they do to you?”

They cut my head off.”

“Did they cut it off or cut it open?”


I continued on to tell him why he had surgery. I could see in his eyes that he was so concerned and a little sad. So I asked him if he knew God was with him during his surgery and protecting him. He gave an emphatic nod, and his countenance changed. I kissed him, and that was the end of the conversation.

Noah has bad dreams (or dreams he doesn’t like) often. Usually, he just makes a noise then goes back to sleep. I wonder how many of those are related to his surgery. I think I would get sick at the sight of my own head being cut open.  It’s especially scary for a four-year-old.

As often as I get frustrated while I parent Noah, there are more moments where I realize how sweet he is and what a blessing he is to me. Satan tried to take him away from us, but God is adamant about seeing that his plans for Noah’s life are accomplished, and that we have the joy of being his parents through it all.