Green & Black’s, that is. This chocolate has to be the best dark chocolate ever to caress my tongue. Since, Nathan and I are new to the world of dark chocolate, and we love it, I figured it would be best for us to try a different brand each time so that we can discover our favorite. So far, this is it.  It is $4 a bar, but if you are a sensible chocolate eater, this rich treat will last a while.

I bought the Espresso Dark Chocolate.  Words fail me.  I would use the phrase many women use when describing chocolate treats–“it’s better than sex”– but I fear those women need to re-evaluate their sex life (no food is better than sex).  The next time I get the urge to make a chocolate cake, I’m going to use this chocolate. So, all that to say, it’s really good chocolate.  Smooth, rich, mood-enhancing chocolate.  Go buy a bar.  Today.