This past 4th of July I was blessed to not be responsible for any of the meal. So, for fun I made up a juice recipe. Our dinner guests raved about it, and though Nathan says I’m a wonderful cook, people rarely rave about my concoctions. All that to say, try it. It’s yummy.


1 round seedless watermelon
1/2 can of frozen 100% cherry juice concentrate
2 Key Limes
about 1/4 c sugar (optional, depending on how sweet your melon)
Rum (optional)
Sprite (optional)

Remove watermelon from rind and blend on low in several small batches. Hold a sieve over a pitcher and run each batch through a sieve, stirring to get the most juice. Dump pulp between each batch. After all of your melon is blended and strained, add 1/2 can of unprepared cherry juice and juice from 2 key limes. At this point you can taste your juice to see if you want to add any sugar or water. This juice makes a nice deep red beverage. If desired, add Sprite and/or Rum to individual servings, to taste.