Andrea made the best pizza I have ever had last night.  And I can say that with all certainty.  Usually she makes the dough from scratch, but the strange thing was that she actually just used frozen wheat bread dough.  She rolled it out into the crust and put cheese inside the edge to make a stuffed crust.  She made the pizza with two kinds of cheese, three kinds of meat, black olives and onions.   Moriah gave away the secret cheese inside the crust–string cheese.  Ok, so it had three kinds of cheeses.  Another fun way that she makes pizza is right on the grill.  She grills the crust and then adds the toppings and cooks the whole pizza right over the coals.  It tastes great that way, if you can avoid having the crust get overdone–which can be tricky.  But it is a fun way to enjoy the summer and keep the heat out of the house.

I don’t know how much I have blogged about my wife’s cooking, but she is a wonderful cook!  We make a good team because I like to eat.  And sometimes even help with the clean-up.