At the beginning of the year I listed off several [crafting] goals for the year.  I’m so proud of my progress I thought I’d give you an update on all that I have done.

make a skirt for myself and my girl

I have completed a skirt for Moriah.  Pictures will be up soon.  It was super easy and now I’d like to make a scrub-styled shirt for Noah (after our vacation). I have not made my skirt, but I have a plan.  It’s only two straight seams, so I should be able to whip it out in no time.

— paint a peg board for my crafting supplies

This has moved to the way bottom of the list and more stuff has been added ahead of it.  I’m in no hurry to paint pegboard.  However, I have painted our dining room chairs and recovered the cushions.  One person said, “Your chairs look stunning.”  I like getting comments like that, where people make use of vocabulary words.  I so often say, “Your chairs look nice.”  Stunning is so much better than nice.  I’m really pleased with the chairs.

finish three lingering quilt gifts

They are done and mailed!  Probably the most exciting thing I have done in a while.  As far as crafts go. Now, I’ve started a list that contains about 10 people that I would like to make a quilt for.  My goal is to start those by the end of August.

— knit a scarf for Bubba

Umm.  It’s not winter yet. Maybe that can be my airport/airplane project to take along with me next week. (I think I’m getting excited about going to California.  That in itself is a milestone considering California was once a place I never cared if I ever visited.)

— start a balcony/container garden

Done.  Simple.  But done.  I do have plans to do more in the future.  Flowers are stinkin’ expensive.  I do still have to string lights up, and the days of rain have since killed a few plants, but the deck is a cute place to sit.  I’d also like to add an umbrella, but those things are way overpriced. I’ll keep my eyes open at the end of the season.

That’s it for me.  In other news, Nathan is studying for all the tests he has to take to become a financial planner (adviser).  It’s really intense and I miss my hubby.  Moriah and Noah start swimming lessons next month.  We went to the pool yesterday and might take another trip today if I can stay off the computer long enough to get something done. I’ve been trying to find an example of the shirt I want to make Noah.  I drew out my own design, but if I can find anything that helps with measurements and cutting, that’s always helpful.  Plus, I’ve been moonlighting on another blog (I hear you, William).  It’s just a craft blog, nothing new.  I’ve just been writing on it.  Tonight and tomorrow we are going to a baseball game.  One of Nathan’s grandmothers is driving up to cheer on our local minor league team.  I like to tease his grandmothers about finding a man, so I plan to do more of that tonight by pointing out cute old men to her.

Have a great weekend.