Please forgive me for not posting regularly. You see, I shoot with a film camera and all the proof I have of completing or starting anything crafty has a slight delay. I must admit that Summer is a dreadful time to start a new blog–when busyness surrounds me. But I must be patient with it’s progress, and I hope you will be patient with mine. While my film is away or waiting to be completed, photo-less posts will just have to do. Trust me, I’m more disappointed than you are.

I started plans for the dress I want to make M. I showed it to her and she liked it. But then she asked to borrow my pencil and my sketch book. I looked on as she designed a dress she would like me to make. My heart melted. Let me tell you, that when your six year old daughter sits down and designs a dress, colors and all, you will not be able to resist the spell it puts on you. So, when my husband (Big Stud, BS) and I return from our trip to California, I will start production.

In the meantime I whipped up a cute little “flirty skirt” I saw in Quilts and More (Summer 2008). It’s a simple ruffle skirt. I was inspired by this season’s black and white fashions for kids, like this one, and used all black and white fabric. All I have left to do is add the elastic, take some pictures and it will be done. More details will come with the pictures. My next project will be a shirt for my son, N.

Have a great weekend,