I have rekindled my love for watching movies. The other night we were blessed with a free movie night and babysitting. Nathan and I saw the most recent Narnia movie and will soon read the series together. I enjoyed the second movie, but I think I liked the first Narnia movie best. I’m actually too lazy to give real movie reviews. But I will say that for someone like me Narnia was just right. I get really involved in movies (and books actually) so it is very necessary that I guard myself while watching them. This movie had just enough whimsy and action. Knowing that there are spiritual parallels gave just enough to think about. It held my interest enough that I withheld going to the bathroom a second time. I liked it and would say that it is worth seeing.

I recently rented The Queen and P.S. I Love You. I enjoyed The Queen, but it is not at all what I expected. I did not expect that so much–all of it– was centered around Diana’s death. The movie peeked my interest for British government and to learn more about Tony Blair. I’m rarely interested in history for the sake of knowing historical facts, but when it is related to people and how it affects people, I enjoy it.

I was not in the mood for a romantic comedy, cause they are so…I don’t know. I’m just tired of them. But I watched this one anyway and I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I cried A LOT while watching this movie. I was so involved in it, putting myself in the leading lady’s shoes, that I did not have time to critique acting, camera angles, lines, and all the other stuff that I pay attention to when watching a movie.  There is full backside nudity. It’s a guy, and he’s a cute Irishman, so you might feel a little more like you shouldn’t look. Unlike the naked Irishmen on Waking Ned Divine, where it’s just gross. This movie is based on a novel and does a great job of presenting the beauty of Ireland. I think it is a total chick movie. Not just cause it’s a romance, but because it’s all about the girl and her friends. I think some chick flicks are written in a way that the guy can also relate, but this is all chick. The acting is good–not Oscar good, but obviously, of all the movies made in a year, very few have Oscar caliber acting. If you’re a romantic sap–this one is for you. A must see with a group of girls–extra bonus (more tears) if you’re married girls.

Recently, I’ve also seen Once. The acting is bad. No, the acting is okay. It is a modern musical and I really like the music in it (and PS I love you). The story is sweet. Another cute Irishman. No nudity, but lots of f-bombs. Not a horrible amount, but enough to give it an R-rating. Otherwise, I don’t see why it’s not PG-13. Unless I missed something. If you like guitar music, folk, indie, and stories about “real” people, you might like this. There is a lot of music, but there is dialogue (which isn’t sung). This is the movie that won an Oscar for best music or something like that.

It seems as though Irishmen are making their way into the hearts of American women. Just like my guy. I think he’s mostly German, but the name says otherwise. Anyway, go rent a movie or check one out for free at your local library. It’s what I do late at night when I’m trying to finish a sewing project.