Tolerating Pictures

Now that it is June, I don’t mind the cooler weather.  Having rain for a week straight is a bit frustrating–especially since it means that we are sure to have droves of mosquito colonies hatching in the drainage ditch close to our home. However, I do have flowers on the deck and have been enjoying a grilled meal every now and then.

Moriah has successfully completed kindergarten.  And is, “more than ready for first grade,” says her teacher.  I get to stay home with the kids all summer and we’ve enjoyed our time together so far.  We will make crafts together, go to the library, and I’m giving them art lessons once a week.  We have lots planned for the next few months and I’m sure they will breeze by.  Please keep reading, cause since I”m with the kids more than I was while in graduate school, I will have more to write about.

Tonight is Moriah’s second soccer game.  She’s excited and I hope she starts to pull her weight on the team.  During her first game she was very concerned, as any princess would be, about getting hurt and breaking a nail or a bone.  Either way, it’s very fun to watch the team play.

I have forgotten to mention that I have a new table now.  It’s beautiful.  Nathan has a third interview this week and I get to tag along.  We’ve joked about ways I can come off a little bit nutty.  It was fun to pretend, but I plan on being very professional.  I might even wear matching socks.  There are pictures on our Flickr, take a look and enjoy. Later this week we’re off to The Ranch for a family reunion. That means lots of people interaction.  So, my little introverted self better rest up and bring some projects.

One last thing before I sign off.  Today, Moriah and Noah were arguing over if they both got another biscuit or if they should split one and save the other for Nathan to eat when he gets home later today.  I let them know that, “Daddy doesn’t need a biscuit.  So, you both can have a whole one.” Noah was very thankful:

“Thanks Moriah, let’s be friends.”

“Oh, shush with that. We’re brother and sister.”

And they can’t live without each other.