The plan today was to let the kids supervise themselves and play in their jammies until it was time for Moriah’s game.  Due to all the rain, the game has been canceled.  I can’t say I’m disappointed.  Monday is my day to be a slacker. The kids watched one video, then went upstairs to play, and have been up there since about 1.  They are getting to the age where if I don’t feed them in time, they will make their own snack.  It’s this type of behavior that draws me out of baby fever.  I love the independence that our children are learning.  I haven’t had to break up one fight, I only fed myself, and now we are off to do a little retail therapy at a neighborhood thrift store and the quilt shop.  The kids graciously reminded me that I said I wasn’t going to the quilt shop anymore. Once I assured them that I wouldn’t buy anything they were more than happy to join me.

Off to the store we go. We don’t mind the rain, really.  Especially, when it gives us an extra hour to play.

Say, by the way, anyone know where I can find child sized umbrellas that don’t have licensed characters on them, and that have colors/prints that would work for various ages?