Summer is by far my least favorite season. It’s coming soon.  Hopefully Spring’s late start will also postpone the dreaded days of summer. Here is a list of why I hate summer:

1. It’s hot.

Unlike being cold, which affords you the option to stay inside where it is warm or put on more layers, once you’re hot, you’re hot.  You can’t unlayer enough to cool your body off. And with heat comes sweat

2. Sweat.

I think it must be a family trait or something, but I sweat like a horse.  It’s probably because I have a horses mane for a head of hair and it’s black.

3. Mosquitos, yellow jackets, and other flying pests

One thing I enjoy about summer are the summer nights.  However, based on my location, staying outside at night is very uncomfortable because of the frequent mosquito ambushes.  And if the mosquitos don’t kill you the pesticide will.

4. Busy-ness

Summer ends up being the time where I try to cram in all the stuff I didn’t get done during the other months.  We end up having something planned every weekend.  June is already booked weekend to weekend and stuff in between–soccer on Monday, swimming lessons, projects.  I really despise being busy, but it is a life that will soon become the norm, so I best get used to it.