I was sitting here avoiding taking a break from writing my paper (oh Lord, when will it ever end), when I decided to touch my teeth. I wiggled one as if I were about to reward myself with a quarter upon it’s release. It hurts. They hurt. Four of my bottom ones and my two front teeth. I wonder if it has anything to do with the four pieces of pie, the cinnamon bread, and the raspberry scone I’ve eaten today in order to supplement today’s diet. I have a sweet tooth. Well, not really. I just go on sugar binges every now and then. Once my face breaks out, I go into a sugar induced coma, or my urine smells like syrup I usually go back to my normal, uber healthy way of eating. That usually lasts about 9 months, then 2 months of normal eating, a month of sugar binge, repeat.

So, my bottom teeth move a little. I usually take that to mean that those teeth will one day be repossessed by the Tooth Fairy. As I thought about this, as I sat taking a break from my writing, I thought about my dreams. I dream a lot and sometimes I dream that all of my teeth come out. I’m usually talking to someone. Then I spit something out only to discover that it is a tooth. Then I spit out another, then another and another until they are all gone. I like my teeth. I don’t like that dream. But what’s worse is the dreams I have where I choke on my teeth. I don’t know if I’m doing it in real life, but as I dream I am hacking and coughing (which would really mean that I wasn’t actually choking) up my teeth. Very embarrassing. As I’m sure you know.

So I told someone that I have that type of dream frequently. The dream where I’m loosing my teeth. This person was one of those people who is into dream interpretation. (I think there is something to it, but I don’t think you can consult a book and whenever a person has this type of dream that’s what it means). So he had been reading this book that said whenever you have a dream about loosing your teeth it means you are gaining wisdom. I figured the dream just meant I really like my teeth and really would hate to have them fall out of my mouth while I’m talking to someone, and worse yet to start choking on them. I’m inclined to think that if I have recurring dreams they probably mean something, but I’m not inclined to think that if you, too, have a dream about losing your teeth it means you, too, are gaining wisdom.

I’ve been told many times that I’m wise. What’s wisdom and what’s common sense? Can you have wisdom without common sense? I think you can have common sense and have no wisdom. Common sense is learned and wisdom is earned. I like that. Did I make that up? Is it even true? Anyway, I’ll take a healthy dose of both, please. Thank you.

I’d better go. I still haven’t watched Dancing With the Stars, and I have to do it within a justifiable time frame or it feels irresponsible. Sometimes I like to be not responsible, but being irresponsible is very different.

*I wish you could hear the song that’s playing now, so that you could also say, “what the heck is she singing about? chibaba shebawwa chiwahwah/good bye go to sleep?” Weirdo.