it snowed today and it is May 10th. that’s what we get for living in MN. I once heard a statistic that said only 5% of the earth’s entire population lives in a climate as cold as MN. that was somewhat startling to hear at first but it makes sense. All of Africa, almost all of Asia, all of South America, most all of Europe, all of the middle East–they all have warmer climates than MN. China and India, which together have over 1/3 of the world’s population, have very little of their populations in cold climates. so I guess that makes us, yep, you guessed it– SPECIAL. (I know what you were thinking of saying!)

Just like all the other Minnesotans, Canadians and Alaskans, we put up with the cold every year without moving away. And we say certain things to make us feel better about it. Such as, “I wouldn’t want to move to a warmer climate because they don’t have the change of seasons that we do.” To which I answer, yes they do! Pineapple season, mango season, banana season, rainy season, dry season, etc… Although I must say that I am very glad we don’t have huge insects or huge lizards or other creepy crawly things. I am not a fan of those types of things.

Another thing people like to claim is that the cold keeps out the riff-raff. This is actually statistically true. Crime rates are extremely low in colder climates–particularly homicide rates. I guess people are just trying to stay warm and don’t have as much time to burglarize or shoot random people from their rooftop or moving car. Their hands would probably freeze to the gun. There is something called “heat-related aggression” that just doesn’t happen in MN. But, even though the homicide rates are way lower in colder climates, suicide rates and the incidence of alcoholism are usually higher. I don’t know if it still does, but Iceland had for a long time the highest suicide rate in the world. When it is cold out and you have less sunlight for half of the year than other climates do, a person can get pretty gloomy.

When those long winter months drag on I get the fever for getting out and enjoying the sunlight. I just love having the sun shine on my skin. It infuses me with energy. But in the wintertime it is difficult to get sun when the sun sets at 5:00pm. So you have to improvise if you want sunlight. If you work during the day, the only time to tan is at night. Have you ever tried tanning by moonlight? Ok, so it doesn’t actually work. Trust me. Although it is easier to tan naked at night without everyone gawking. Of course, it is always really cold out at night in January. So I guess life is all about give and take.

I could go for some global warming right about now…