She said it so innocently, so matter-of-fact. I hate that our world has come to this, but it has.

We had a drill today at school. It wasn’t a fire drill, but a different kind of drill in case a robber or a killer comes into our school. If we get scared we’re supposed to hold someone’s hand or hug them. So, I held Emiley’s hand and hugged her, cause it was scary.

I have always been saddened by school shootings I always cry for days at the thought of it. I cry for the people who did it and I cry for the victims.  But nothing is as sobering as knowing that my child and her school could be a victim. Hearing about the drill made it more of a reality that this could happen to my child’s school.I was thankful that her school is preparing, but so saddened that they even have to think of such things.

After she told me everything that her teacher does and the things she has to do as a student I told her one more thing she should do. Pray.

If you ever have another drill, or if it happens for real. Pray. Pray for God to protect everyone in your school and pray that you would only have to practice and that a real robber or killer would never come to your school.

Our town is very low in crime, but I’m glad Moriah’s school is not taking that for granted.