This is a pseudo post because I have pseudo feelings and pseudo thoughts and I most definitely am a super human with powers and abilities that supersede all those of normal people who are not married to a pastor. It’s true, just ask your average church-goer. Here are some questions and the answers that might result.

Q: Does your pastor’s wife have feelings?

A: No, that’s why I insult her in front of other people.

Q: Does your pastor’s wife have a lot of free time?

A: Yeah, and if she isn’t spending it with me, she must hate me and therefore, I hate her.

Q: Can your pastor’s wife read your mind?

A: Well, duh? Of course she can, that’s why I insult her when she’s not around.

Q: Should your pastor’s wife do anything in the church other than sit there and look cute on a Sunday?

A: Well, it all depends on what she is doing. Whatever that is, I say she should do the opposite.

Do you have expectations of your pastor’s wife? What should she look like, what role should she play in the church? Should she swear or shower and comb her hair? Should she just back off and let her husband do the work or should she be involved in as much as she can?

It really is up to the pastor and his wife. A pedestal is not something I want to sit on. Take me off now, so when I mess up you won’t be so disappointed.

Disclaimer:  I like to put them at the end.  Adds suspense.  I’m sure this is probably inappropriate for me to write this post cause there are rules in the Normal Pastor’s Wives Club.  Sometimes I break those rules and have been on probation as a result.   That’s why I joined the Secret Society of Abnormal Pastor’s Wives, they told me if I break one of their rules I still get to go to Heaven.