After a wonderful lunch at a locally owned Thai food place and three hour naps for us all, Nathan left for a pastor’s prayer retreat  yesterday.  Whenever he leaves I watch a movie with the kids and get one for myself that Nathan would not watch with me.  The movies I went to get were not out yet–the Veggie Tales Pirates movie and 27 Dresses.  Instead we watched Horton Hears a Who (the old one) and I watched August Rush.

The kids and I got our jammies on at 8 and had Popsicles, popcorn and cereal for supper.  I never realized that some of Seuss’s stuff was social commentary all wrapped up in whimsical illustrations and clever rhymes. After the kids were in bed I curled up on the couch and watched August Rush.  I expected it to be really cheesy. And in a way it was a little cliche, but I always seem to cry like a baby when watching movies about someone having a poor start at life and being given a chance at it (redemptive movies make me cry).  I also cry whenever there is a woman who wants a baby, but doesn’t have one (same reason I found myself crying while watching Juno).

l’m glad I watched August Rush, it was a feel good kind of movie.  Part of it (the premise) was a little kooky, but they didn’t make it overly so.  Robin Williams is in the film, and I think he’s in the same category as Eddie Murphy: actors who were once funny and/or brilliant and now play loud obnoxious characters in okay or bad movies. they are well on their way to “has-been” status. He’s obnoxious in this movie.

August Rush also has elements of a modern-day Oliver Twist. The movie kind of reminded me of The Secret Life of Words, in that it has some child with a creepy voice narrating the story, but that movie left me feeling a little weird.  I think you should give them both a shot, though.  The Secret Life… is not a feel good movie.  It’s serious.

Nat will be back this evening, then off we go to our dance class.  We are learning the Waltz now, we’re pretty good (in class) at the Texas Two Step.  Last week, the teacher told us we are such beautiful dancers, she wants to make us look even more so.  So, she came over to us and gave us something else to work on while we “perfect” the Waltz steps. It always feels good to get extra attention from the teacher. The first two weeks were tense for us, but it’s much better now.