I was just at the thrift store to see if I could find some cute lights for our deck. No luck there, but I picked up a couple of books for the kids. As I walked in the door I read this sign”

All Ladies Tops

50% off

Excludes XL and Plus Size

I didn’t understand why the XL and Plus weren’t included in the sale, but since it didn’t effect me, I didn’t think much else about it. I decided that I wouldn’t buy any tops for myself, but that I would pick up a few maternity tops for my sister-in-law. It was a risk cause I don’t know if she already has plenty and I didn’t have my cell phone with me to give her a call. BUT ladies tops were half off so it was a risk I was willing to take. When I was pregnant I could never have enough cute tops.

So I spent about 15 minutes looking through the tops to pick out things that were plain enough and cute enough since I don’t really know her taste that well. Most of the items still had the original tags on. I go to buy my items and the lady is not taking the 50% off. I asked if they were included in the sale and she said no.

I said, “But pregnant women are ladies, too.”

“Wahwahwah Wa”

“Your sign does not say it excludes Maternity. It just says excluding XL and Plus. That’s misleading.”

“I’ll call the manager.”

The manager comes up and reads her sign then has this, uh oh look on her face. I repeat to her what the sign says (and add the fact that maternity is not a plus size) in case that look meant that she couldn’t read.

Then she says, “Yeah, but it doesn’t say it includes maternity. Maternity is a totally different area.”

Then to prove that she actually can’t read she says,

“The sign says the sale is on Misses and Ladies tops.”

So, okay. I don’t always believe the customer service mantra that the customer is always right, but this time I was. Not only that, rather than make half the amount of money she acted like a snot and didn’t make any money. That was smart. I think she really wants their cause to make money. Just cause it’s a thrift store doesn’t mean treat your customers like poop or lose a sale cause it’s a thrift store. People are not running in there to buy maternity clothes. If the point is to raise money for the organization you still better treat your customers right.

I ignored the angel on my shoulder that was saying, “It’s a gift and they are still a really good deal, so just suck it up and buy them anyway,” and I didn’t buy the maternity clothes. I instead listened to the little devil that told me I should make a point and teach them a lesson. Cause I’m one of those people. One of those people who goes to a garage sale and squawks at the over-priced $5.00 pair of Nike’s. One of those people who feels the need to let undergraduates know that no one owes them anything. Finding Your Strengths, says I’m “a belief.” I almost didn’t buy anything, but I’m trying to work on this whole part of myself and I would have had to deal with two very sad children. I did make sure to tell them that they need to change their sign cause it’s misleading.

Be honest with me, here. If you were pregnant and you read that sign, would you think that meant you could get half off your shirts too? After all, being pregnant isn’t a plus size and you most definitely have to be a lady.

So, sorry Kat. If you need more shirts (I had three pairs of cute bottoms too) I’ll go get them just for you. Not because they are on sale (cause they aren’t but they are still cheap), but because I love you and I want your non-plus size, lady belly to be well dressed during incubation.