• Our kids finally got to meet their new cousins from Haiti. Nathan’s family is definitely not short on cute kids. And we all know that’s what’s important. For me it was as if they had always been there. It didn’t feel like the family had been away for years. Those two are very sweet, loving children.
  • My brother is out of the hospital. I realize that I never told the story. It just didn’t feel right to do so. But praise the Lord he’s out.
  • We’re going to a conference next week about using creativity in your ministry. I’m pretty pumped about it cause it’s something I’ve been praying for our group of churches for about seven years. We’ll also get to visit some couples that we really enjoy spending time with.
  • Moriah has started reading 1st grade level Spanish books, and is reading just as well in English. She starts soccer in a few weeks.
  • We’re planning a trip to San Diego in June to visit Nathan’s brother and his family. Hopefully I’ll get to see my brother’s baby on the way, and Nathan’s brother will have a new little guy as well. I’m sure to get my baby fix this summer…I hope.
  • Tonight a friend is having a karaoke birthday party. She’s pretty excited. She loves karaoke. I don’t know if I will sing or not. I really don’t want to. If Nathan sings a song with me–maybe.